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Benin: Attack on three trans women must prompt authorities to protect LGBTI people

Three transgender women assaulted after being lured to a bar in capital Cotonou Videos of attack posted on social media and support groups targeted with threats ‘This assault must prompt the authorities to take stronger measures to protect transgender and intersex people’ - Fabien Offner The authorities in Benin must take immediate action to protect transgender people and the groups that defend them after three trans women were forced to undress and were then beaten and robbed by a group of men at a bar in the capital of Cotonou, Amnesty International said today. The attack, which took place

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Beninese journalist Ignace Sossou is free

Ignace Sossou
days left to take action


Journalist still arbitrarily detained

Benin Amnesty International members
days left to take action

In Benin, at least 17 journalists, bloggers and political activists have been prosecuted in less than two years under the 2018 Digital Law. Some of the repressive provisions of this law undermine the right to freedom of expression, including press freedom in the country.

The CFI initially refused to back Ignace Sossou after his detention. In a letter dated 19 December 2019 and sent to the Beninese Minister of Justice, the Africa director of CFI declared that '' the truncated sentences and taken out of their context absolutely do not represent the content of the exchanges that we had during the debate. We are sorry that an unscrupulous journalist took advantage of this privileged moment to try to make a buzz at the expense of the Prosecutor ''. After declaring that it "distances itself from publications and from these types of practices which are unethical and give a bad name to the profession as a whole". However, CFI has publicly presented on 8 January 2020 "an apology for the unfolding of the events in which he [Ignace Sossou] was a victim”. 

Ignace Sossou has been prosecuted for his journalistic work and for exercising his right to freedom of expression in the past. In August 2019, he was falsely accused of publishing “false information’’ in connection with two articles on tax evasion in Benin. The Cotonou First Class Court of First Instance found him guilty of defamation and handed him a suspended sentence of one month and a fine of 500,000 FCFA.

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Benin: Journalist sentenced for "harassment"

A Benin court has sentenced a journalist for "harassment" for quoting the Public Prosecutor in a tweet.

First UA: 8/20

Urgent Action: Journalist charged with spreading false news

Casimir Kpedjo, the managing editor of the newspaper ‘New Economy’, was charged with publishing “false information".

UA 53/19 issued 29/04/2019

Benin: Internet shutdown on election day a blunt attack on freedom of expression

Following the Internet shutdown in Benin as the country holds parliamentary elections today, François Patuel, Amnesty International's West Africa Researcher, said: “The decision to shut down access to the Internet and social media on an election day is a blunt violation of the right to freedom of expression. “It is effectively silencing human rights defenders, journalists and bloggers who are monitoring contested parliamentary elections without opposition candidates. “We call on the authorities of Benin to immediately lift all blanket restrictions on access to the internet and social media to

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Jul 30 2013 4:30PM
Zimbabwe elections: Amnesty directors in Africa speak out

When Zimbabwe’s elections were last held in 2008, the resulting violence and repression led to over 200 people being killed and 10,000 injured. The violence was so severe that hospitals ran out of crutches and 28,000 people were forced...

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