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Austria (7)
Feb 19 2013 12:00am
AUSTRIA: Amnesty calls for reform to back up landmark adoption victory for Lesbian couple
Amnesty International demanded the Austrian government ditch its homop...
    Mar 13 2010 9:13am
    Archbishop of Vienna makes some connections
    The Archbishop of Vienna, Christoph Schonborn, has said that the celib...
    Apr 9 2009 12:00am
    New Amnesty report exposes racism in Austrian police and justice system
    Racist abuse and ill-treatment by the Austrian police, together with w...
      Jan 16 2009 12:00am
      Austria must bring killers of Chechen exile to justice, says Human Rights NGO
      Man Who Fled to Vienna Had Accused Chechen President of Torture(Moscow...
        Jun 26 2008 9:54am
        Human rights under threat in Austria?
          There's a protest planned for London tomorrow at the Austrian E...