Urgent Action: Opposition politician detained in Uganda; signs of torture

Robert Kyagulanyi, also known as Bobi Wine, a Ugandan singer turned politician was arrested and later charged.

UA 154/18 issued 17/08/2018

Urgent Action: Nigerian journalist detained and threatened

Journalist Samuel Ogundipe is being detained at the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) headquarters.

UA 153/18 issued 17/08/2018

Urgent Action: Syrian Kurd at imminent risk of execution in Iran

Kamal Hassan Ramezan, a Syrian Kurd on death row in Iran, was removed from his cell. He has not been heard from since.

UA 151/18 issued 17/08/2018

Urgent Action: US-Mexico asylum deal would put many at risk

In recent closed-door discussions, the US and Mexico are considering declaring Mexico a “safe third country”.

UA 150/18 issued 16/08/2018

Urgent Action good news: Palestinian NGO worker released

Abdul Razeq Farraj was released from prison. He had spent 14 months in administrative detention without charge or trial.

1st update on UA 72/18 issued 16/08/2018

Urgent Action update: Amal Fathy remains imprisoned in Egypt as trial is postponed

Amal Fathy’s trial was postponed to 8 September in one case and her pre-trial detention renewed for 15 days in another.

2nd update on UA 98/18 issued 16/08/2018

Urgent Action: Whereabouts of community activist unknown in Angola

Joaquim Costa Zangui, the National Youth Secretary of the Democratic Bloc, was abducted by unknown men on 12 August.

UA 152/18 issued 16/08/2018

Urgent Action good news: Court overturns conviction of three youths in Angola

Three youths were released on 17 July. They had been sentenced to seven months in prison in April after an unfair trial.

1st update on UA 115/18 issued 13/08/2018

Urgent Action: Indigenous leader threatened by armed men in Paraguay

Amada Martínez, Indigenous human rights defender, was threatened by armed men wearing uniforms of a hydroelectric plant.

UA 149/18 issued 10/08/2018

Urgent Action update: Threats against indigenous rights defenders in Malaysia

Indigenous human rights defenders face sustained intimidation and threats of physical violence.

1st update on UA 22/17 issued 06/08/2018