Urgent Action: Students detained for anti-war protest in Turkey

11 students from Istanbul’s Boğaziçi University, who attended a small peaceful campus protest remain in police custody.

UA 066/18 issued 28/03/2018

Urgent Action Good News: Alabama, USA ends pursuit of 2nd execution attempt

An agreement signed on 27 March means that Alabama will not pursue another death warrant for Doyle Hamm.

2nd update on UA 029/18 issued 28/03/2018

Asylum-seekers in the Israel and Palestinian Occupied Territories at risk of deportation or detention

Thousands of asylum-seekers are at risk of either being forced to go to Rwanda or Uganda or being indefinitely detained.

UA 064/18 issued 28/03/2018

Urgent Action: Woman detained for reading opposition website in Kazakhstan

Police have threatened bloggers, activists and members of the public with prosecution for supporting the opposition party

UA 063/18 issued 27/03/2018

Urgent Action update: Human rights defender in Iran to resume hunger strike

Prominent Iranian human rights lawyer Abdolfattah Soltani went on hunger strike on 21 March.

1st update on UA 142/16 issued 27/03/2018

Urgent Action good news: Ohio governor commutes death sentence

On 26 March the Governor of Ohio granted clemency to William Montgomery, who was scheduled to be executed on 11 April.

2nd update on UA 47/18 issued 26/03/2018

Urgent Action good news: Family seeking asylum in USA released from detention

Asylum seekers 15-year-old Astrid and her father Arturo were released from immigration detention on 23 March.

1st update on UA 53/18 issued 26/03/2018

Urgent Action: US must not deport gay asylum seeker to Ghana

US authorities are seeking to forcibly return Sadat to Ghana, where he faces human rights violations.

UA 65/18 issued 23/03/2018

Urgent Action good news: Activist in Russia released and given deportation reprieve

On 15 February, Ali Feruz was released and arrived in Germany a few hours later.

4th update on UA 61/17 issued 23/03/2018

Urgent Action update: Human rights lawyer detained incommunicado in China

Beijing lawyer Yu Wensheng has been detained for more than two months without access to a lawyer of his choice.

1st update on UA 19/18 issued 21/03/2018