Chad: Human rights defender held incommunicado

The President of the Chadian Human Rights Organization was taken by armed men on 24 Jan and is being held incommunicado.

First UA: 7/20

India: Four men at risk of imminent execution

Amnesty is calling for the death sentences of four convicted men to be commuted.

First UA: 05/20

Second update: Activist still held in detention

Human rights defender Guy Marius Sagna is still being held in a high security prison for his legitimate activism work.

Second update on UA: 171/19

First update: Lengthy jail terms for prisoners of conscience

11 February marks the fourth anniversary of the arrest of human rights defender Emir-Usein Kuku.

First update on UA: 126/19

Outcome: Sentencing of two young men upheld

A Russian court confirmed the six-year-long sentences for prisoners of conscience, Yan Sidorov and Vladislav Mordasov.

Outcome UA: 48/19

Outcome: Hajar Raissouni released

Hajar Raissouni was released from prison after being imprisoned for pre-martial sex and abortion, with no evidence.

Outcome UA: 121/19

First update: Activists released on bail still face charges

Four of the nine activists arrested for their activism have been released on bail. All nine still face charges.

First update on UA: 171/19

Outcome: Disappeared Qatari father and son released

Saudi authorities released a Qatari father (70) and son (17), allowing them to return home on 1 Nov.

Outcome UA: 114/19

Fifth update: Released activists still face charges

13 activists arrested for giving water to people on hunger strike will be brought to court on 30 January 2020.

Fifth update on UA 082/19

Outcome: Withdrawal of Urgent Action

Due to new information, Amnesty no longer believes Osama Muhana al-Tamimi has been targeted by the Bahraini government.

Outcome UA: 110/19