Urgent Action: Chilean lawyer intimdated during trial of policemen

Karina Riquelme was followed and surveilled by intelligence agents because of her work as a defender of Mapuche people.

UA 134/18 issued 18/07/2018

Urgent Action update: Gravely ill detainee sentenced to 7 years in Moldova jail

A court sentenced Serghei Cosovan to 7 years in jail, disregarding his inability to access essential medical care.

1st update on UA 111/18 issued 08/07/2018

Urgent Action: Former child soldier jailed in Myanmar after media interview

Former child solider Aung Ko Htwe is serving two years and six months in prison in connection with a media interview.

UA 132/18 issued 18/07/2018

Urgent Action update: Seven men executed, six others at imminent risk in Japan

Seven members of Aum Shinrikyo cult were executed without prior notice. Six other men are at imminent risk of execution.

2nd update on UA 213/16 issued 18/07/2018

Urgent Action: Fate and whereabouts of policeman unknown in Belarus

Former Chechen policeman Artur Aydamirov, 34, disappeared on 8 June in Brest, Belarus.

UA 133/18 issued 16/07/2018

Urgent Action good news: Court blocks Nevada execution after company sues

A judge blocked the State of Nevada from carrying out its first execution in 12 years.

3rd update on UA 250/17 issued 16/07/2018

Urgent Action: Students in Turkey detained for insulting the president

Four students in Turkey have been detained over a banner containing caricatures of President Erdoğan.

UA 131/18 issued 16/07/2018

Urgent Action update: Two journalists charged in Myanmar

Two journalists have been formally charged in connection with their peaceful journalistic activities.

1st update on UA 4/18 issued 16/07/2018

Urgent Action update: Man at risk of extradition from Slovakia to Russia on 17 July

Aslan Yandiev is at imminent risk of extradition to Russia. The extradition date has been set for 17 July 2018.

2nd update on UA 41/18 issued 13/07/2018

Urgent Action update: Human rights defender marks one year in Burundi prison

Human rights defender and prisoner of conscience Germain Rukuki was arrested one year ago. He requires further treatment.

2nd update on UA 32/18 issued 13/07/2018