Urgent Action update: Trail of Nubian activists adjourned in Egypt

The State Security Emergency Court adjourned the trial of 32 Nubian activists to 27 February where a sentence is expected

2nd update on UA 249/17 issued 02/02/2018

Urgent Action update: Prisoner of conscience denied vital medication in Egypt

Hanan Badr el-Din, currently in prison on spurious charges, is being denied necessary health care.

1st update on UA 129/17 issued 02/02/2018

Urgent Action update: Fears for activist held incommunicado in China

First detained on 2 September 2017, human rights defender Zhen Jianghua has not yet been allowed access to his lawyer.

1st update on UA 235/17 issued 02/02/2018

Junior Urgent Action July 2017: Alexandre Anderson de Souza

July 2017's issue focuses on the case of Alexandre Anderson de Souza, a Brazilian fisherman repeatedly threatened.

Urgent Action: Health fears for detained Hong Kong bookseller in China

Gui Minhai was on a train headed to Beijing to seek formal diagnosis for a neurological condition when he was seized

UA 021/18 issued 01/02/2018

Urgent Action: Bombing near indigenous territory in Chocó, Colombia

Nearby communities are currently forcibly displaced as fear of new operations threaten the population.

UA 022/18 issued 13/01/2018

Urgent Action: At least 14 people killed during a party in Brazil

At least 14 people were shot dead and other nine were injured while enjoying a party in Cajazeiras, on 27th January

UA 020/18 issued 31/01/2018

Urgent Action Update: Turkish medical association leaders detained

Police detained 11 members of the Turkish Medical Association’s Central Council as part of a criminal investigation

1st Update on UA 016/18 issued 30/01/2018

Urgent Action: Opposition member risks further ill-treatment in Gabon

Gabonese political opposition member, Bertrand Zibi Abeghe, has alleged that he was subjected to ill-treatment.

UA 18/18 issued 30/01/2018

Urgent Action update: Court of cassation upholds death sentence

On 29 January, Bahrain’s Court of Cassation upheld the death sentence imposed against Maher Abbas Ahmad.

2nd update on UA 252/14 issued 30/01/2018