Urgent Action Update: Environmental rights defender to appeal suspended sentence in Madagascar

Raleva has been released after being handed a two-year suspended sentence. He is appealing the sentence.

1st Update on UA 237/17 issued 01/11/2017

Urgent Action update: Drop charges against human rights defender in Bahrain

Bahraini woman human rights defender Ebtisam al-Saegh was released, but remains at risk of detention.

4th update on UA 165/17 issues 31/10/2017

Urgent Action: Execution set after 26 years on death row in USA

Patrick Hannon is scheduled to be executed in Florida at 6pm on 8 November. He was convicted in July 1991.

UA 214/17 issued 27/10/2017

Urgent Action update: Stop ill-treatment of human rights defender in Bahrain

Human rights defender, Nabeel Rajab, appealed against his two year prison sentence for interviews he gave.

18th update on UA 249/14 issued 27/10/2017

Urgent Action Update: Doctor and academic sentenced to death in Iran

Iranian-born Swedish resident and academic sentenced to death for “corruption on earth" after a grossly unfair trial

2nd Update on UA 38/17 issued 27/10/2017

Urgent Action Update: Risk of forced displacement in Chocó, Colombia

Indigenous governor killed by armed men. The community is at risk of forced displacement following this violence.

2nd update on UA 178/17 issued 26/10/2017

Urgent Action Update: Law leading to military impunity sanctioned by Brazilian President

Law sanctioned that transfers to the Military Court the ability to try human rights violations and crimes against life

2nd update on UA 236/17 issued 25/10/2017

Urgent Action: Two singer-songwriter activists criminally detained in China

Activists Xu Lin and Liu Sifang have been criminally detained on suspicion of “picking quarrels and provoking trouble”.

UA 245/17 issued 25/10/2017

Urgent Action: Mental competence in doubt as execution set in USA

Jack Greene, aged 62, is scheduled to be executed in Arkansas on 9 November.

UA 202/17 issued 23/10/2017

Urgent Action update: Russian activist found guilty of 'homosexual propoganda'

On 18 October, a magistrate in Samara, Russia found Evdokia Romanova guilty of spreading ‘homosexual propaganda’.

2nd update on UA 209/17 issued 23/10/2017