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Urgent Action update: Four umbrella movement leaders imprisoned

Four leaders of the 2014 Hong Kong pro-democracy Umbrella Movement protests have been sentenced to 8 to 16 months’ imprisonment, on conviction of “public nuisance” related charges for “obstructing public places and roads” during the protests. They are prisoners of conscience imprisoned solely for peacefully advocating for democracy in Hong Kong. Their imprisonment sets a precedent that government could use vague and ambiguous charges for blanket prosecution and imprisonment of peaceful protesters, exacerbating the chilling effect on freedom of peaceful assembly and expression in Hong Kong.

Take action.




Please write urgently in your own words or using the template letter included in English or Chinese to:


Chief Executive
The Hon. Carrie Lam
Government of the Hong Kong SAR
Office of the Chief Executive
Tamar, Hong Kong 
Fax: +852 2509 0580
Salutation: Dear Chief Executive


Also send copies to diplomatic representatives accredited to your country.

HIS EXCELLENCY MR LIU XIAOMING, Embassy of the People's Republic of China, 49-51 Portland Place W1B 1JL, 020 7299 4049,

Please check with your section before sending appeals after the above date.

Download full UA in PDF
Download full UA in word