Lessons: Writing In Impossible Circumstances

Two downloadable lessons produced by Amnesty and the Anne Frank Trust for students to:

  • Learn about Anne Frank, her life and legacy
  • Consider and learn about human rights and in particular about the human right to freedom of opinion and expression
  • Find out about an actual case of repression
  • Read and evaluate a powerful piece of writing
  • Undertake a piece of persuasive creative writing
  • Consider and develop a creative and practical solution to break the silence and take action against being censored
  • Know about the work the Anne Frank Trust UK does
  • Understand how Amnesty International campaigns to protect human rights across the globe

Please note you will need to play or download this film: Zarganar: Poem

We recommend using the two lesson plans together for 14+, and Lesson 1 as a stand alone lesson plan with 11+.

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