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Prisoner of Conscience (557)
Apr 18 2024 9:50pm
World Amateur Radio Day
Vladimir Rumyantsev jailed for 3 years for using a ham radio he built ...
Sep 18 2023 2:26pm
Iran/UK: release of jailed conservationist Morad Tahbaz is 'huge relief'
‘The Government needs to drastically upgrade its procedures to prevent...
Aug 4 2023 4:24pm
Russia: 19-year jail sentence against Navalny is 'sinister act of political vengeance'
Kremlin critic Aleksei Navalny is already serving a long jail sentence...
Jul 27 2023 8:08am
Urgent Action Outcome: Human Rights Defender Sentenced To 7 Years
Nasta (Anastasia) Loika was sentenced to 7 years in a penal colony for...
May 12 2023 10:21am
Philippines: Acquittal of Leila de Lima long-overdue after 'bogus' charges
Court dismissed one of two remaining drug charges against Leila de Lim...
Apr 17 2023 11:53am
Russia: Anti-war activist and journalist Vladimir Kara-Murza sentenced to 25 years in jail Russia
‘This verdict wrongly conflates human rights activism with high treaso...
Jan 22 2023 11:04am
UK: vigil for jailed UK national Alaa Abd el-Fattah and murdered Cambridge student Giulio Regeni
Activists will stage joint ‘Freedom for Alaa’ and ‘Justice for Giulio’...
Nov 30 2022 4:51pm
Belarus: Secrecy of prisoner of conscience Maria Kolesnikova's whereabout is 'unacceptable'
Political prisoner Maria Kolesnikova has been hospitalised in an inten...
May 23 2022 5:07pm
Human Rights Defender Released
Egyptian human rights defender and prisoner of conscience Ibrahim Ezz ...
Mar 11 2022 11:42am
Prisoners Of Conscience In Honduras Released
All the eight Guapinol defenders were unconditionally released in Febr...