Glasgow 2014 Media Briefing - Pakistan human rights abusers beyond justice

'There has been progress on human rights in Pakistan in recent years, but the country’s almost complete failure to protect journalists, arbitrary and secret detention of citizens, as well as blasphemy laws which lead to violence and persecution, means it is a country where human rights are continually oppressed.

The right to life, access to justice, and freedom of expression are under sustained threat. We urge Pakistan’s authorities to ensure those responsible for human rights abuses – including its own military and intelligence agencies – are brought to justice in fair trials.

The authorities must ensure that those found guilty in trials are not automatically given the death penalty. There must also be an end to the spate of abuses justified under religious reasons due to the country’s archaic blasphemy laws – reforming these is more urgent than ever.'

Siobhan Reardon – Programme Director, Amnesty International Scotland

Amnesty spokesperson available throughout the Games with daily briefings.

Download the media briefing below.


Media briefing Glasgow 2014 - Pakistan