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Scotland (196)
Jul 16 2024 5:20pm
Briefing: Call for an immediate ceasefire in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Scotland (February 2024)
AIUK's Scottish parliamentary briefing calling for an immediate ceasef...
Jul 4 2024 1:57pm
Briefing: Human Rights Day, Scotland (10 December 2023)
AIUK's Scottish parliamentary briefing on the progress of the Scottish...
Jun 25 2024 11:23am
Briefing: Abortion Rights Submission to the Health and Sport Committee, Scotland (December 2023)
AIUK's response to the Scottish Health and Sport Committee's 2023 Cons...
Jun 20 2024 6:36pm
Briefing: Policing Submission to the Criminal Justice Committee, Scotland (December 2023)
AIUK's response to the Scottish Criminal Justice Committee's 2023 call...
Jun 20 2024 5:42pm
Briefing: A Human Rights Bill for Scotland (October 2023)
An executive summary of AIUK's response to the Scottish Government's 2...
Jun 17 2024 2:22pm
Briefing: Our Human Rights Manifesto in Scotland (June 2024)
Amnesty International UK’s proposals for the next UK government – as s...
May 13 2024 4:18pm
Joint letter to First Minister from 120 leading organisations
Dear First Minister, 8th May 2024 We would like to take this opp...
May 9 2024 1:26pm
UK: 120 leading organisations call on First Minister to keep Human Rights Bill promise
Human Rights Bill is key to John Swinney achieving goal of tackling ch...