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Pakistan (160)
Nov 10 2023 5:04pm
Pakistan: Government must stop mass detention and deportation of Afghan refugees – new testimonies
More than 170,000 Afghans forced to leave the country Afghans face...
Oct 4 2023 8:10pm
Pakistan: authorities must not carry out threat to deport Afghan refugees
More than 3.7 million Afghans live in Pakistan, large numbers of whom ...
Aug 17 2023 11:21am
Pakistan: Authorities must protect Christians against vicious 'blasphemy' attacks
Vigilante mobs attack at least five churches and homes of minority Chr...
Jun 20 2023 11:18am
Pakistan: Afghan refugees harassed, jailed and forced to pay bribes - new testimonies
Afghan refugees raise serious concerns at pattern of harassment by Pak...
Jun 5 2023 12:47pm
Pakistan: Global action urgently needed to tackle 'starkly visible' climate injustice - new report
More than 40 million people do not have access to electricity Jacob...
May 11 2023 3:46pm
Pakistan: Authorities must 'exercise restraint' towards people protesting Imran Khan's arrest
At least eight people have died nationwide in the protests following a...
Mar 8 2023 2:56pm
Pakistan: 'Draconian' law banning Lahore protests must be scrapped immediately
Responding to reports that the government in Punjab – Pakistan’s most ...
Mar 7 2023 12:32pm
Pakistan: Imran Khan media ban is 'disturbing'
New prohibition on broadcasting speeches of embattled former prime min...
Jan 10 2023 4:45pm
Pakistan: Financial pledges for flood recovery should not be used by countries to 'wash their conscience'
In response to the news of donor pledges exceeding financial goals to ...