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AIUK Submission to the Independent Human Rights Act Review (IHRAR)

In December 2020 the UK government launched a review of the UK's Human Rights Act (HRA). The review focuses on the relationship between the UK courts and the European Court of Human Rights; the impact of the HRA on the relationship between the judiciary, executive and Parliament; and the implications of the way in which the Human Rights Act applies outside the territory of the UK. The review asks if there is a case for reform of the HRA and whether the HRA is leading to courts 'getting unduly drawn into areas of policy'.

AIUK's response argues that there is no case for reforming the HRA. It has been effective at protecting people's rights. The proposed reforms would erode human rights protections in the UK and threaten the  devolution arrangements with the constituent nations of the UK and the peace settlement in Northern Ireland.   

AIUK Submission to the IHRAR