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Human Rights Act (114)
May 18 2022 10:24am
The Human Rights Act Should Stay
Written by Amnesty International UK Director Sacha Deshmukh, first...
May 11 2022 5:25pm
Save Our Human Rights Act
Mar 3 2022 12:26pm
Stand With Afghan Women - LG
Feb 24 2022 10:00am
5 reasons to get involved with the Human Rights Act Consultation
Written by Tom Southerden The UK government is running a consul...
Jan 19 2022 2:52pm
Take part in the Human Rights Act Consultation
What is the Human Rights Act consultation? The Human Rights Act is ...
Dec 15 2021 1:22pm
Human Rights Act 'overhaul' could undermine Good Friday Agreement
The proposed downgrading of human rights protections across the UK is ...
Dec 14 2021 9:40am
UK: Amnesty warns Human rights 'not sweets in a sweetshop' as consultation launched
Responding to news that plans to make changes to human rights laws, in...
Nov 9 2021 12:03pm
23 reasons why we need the Human Rights Act
[Trigger warning: contains references to racial violence, domestic abu...
Sep 24 2021 6:01pm
10 famous protests the Policing Bill would've threatened
A new law the UK Government is proposing could seriously restrict the ...
Sep 13 2021 1:46pm
Know your freedoms: 11 human rights defenders you need to follow on Instagram right now
Amnesty has collaborated with 11 artists, creatives and campaigners to...