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Human Rights Act (131)
Jan 16 2024 9:46am
UK: MPs must vote against 'historically bad' Rwanda Bill
Amnesty International is strongly urging MPs to vote against the Gover...
Dec 18 2023 1:49pm
Threat to human rights in new Victims and Prisoners Bill
Hidden amongst the Victims and Prisoners Bill is a dangerous removal o...
Dec 12 2023 7:37pm
UK: Vote on Rwanda bill is an 'assault' on refugee rights and the rule of law
In response to this evening’s House of Commons vote on the Government’...
Dec 12 2023 10:02am
UK: MPs must reject attack on human rights and the rule of law in Rwanda bill
‘We are urging all MPs in the strongest terms to take a stand against ...
Dec 7 2023 3:04pm
UK: Removing human rights laws in Rwanda asylum bill is 'callous and immoral'
In response to the UK government’s new Rwanda asylum bill, Sacha Deshm...
Jul 26 2023 3:31pm
14,000 people took action to stop the cruel immigration bill
Thank you to the thousands of you who took action emailing Rishi Sunak...
Jun 27 2023 8:54pm
UK: Government’s ditching Rights Removal Bill is welcome first step
In reaction to the announcement that the Government is scrapping the d...
Apr 6 2023 4:41pm
Stop the cruel Immigration Bill
Over just two weeks, an astounding 19,000 people emailed your MPs to...
Apr 6 2023 4:06pm
Troubles Bill: All cards are on table for Irish government taking UK to court
Amnesty and Troubles victims made call for legal challenge in meeting ...