New report on extent of torture worldwide to be launched on 13 May

Report will include results of new global survey of attitudes to torture
On Tuesday 13 May Amnesty International will launch a new global report on the extent of torture in the world, showing that - 30 years on from the introduction of a worldwide ban against such abuse - torture is still being carried out in more than 100 countries, with an astonishing range of tools, methods and reasons. 
The report, which will be launched at a press conference at the London headquarters of Amnesty, will also include the results of a new global survey on torture. 
The survey - conducted with over 20,000 people in 21 countries including the United Kingdom - will reveal international attitudes to torture, showing that there are shocking levels of acceptance of the practice in numerous countries.
The report marks the beginning of a new two-year global “Stop Torture” campaign from Amnesty, which aims to hold governments to account over broken promises to respect the international torture ban, insisting that they establish robust safeguards to better protect people from torture. 
The report will be launched by Salil Shetty, Amnesty International’s Secretary General. Torture survivors, activists and Amnesty experts will be available for interview. 
For further information on the report, or to reserve a space at the press conference, please contact the Amnesty UK press office.

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