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Art as a powerful medium for social change in Israeli occupied Gaza

Palestinians in Gaza have been living under an illegal Israeli blockade since 2007. Israel’s apartheid system has fragmented Palestinians, isolated Gaza from the rest of the occupied territories and the rest of the world. Israeli authorities have been systematically committing grave human rights violations to maintain this racist regime.

Beneath the headlines of war, destruction and suffering is one of Palestinian resistance to Israeli occupation. Art is a medium of this resistance in Gaza. Below is a selection of art in Gaza found on the walls of its buildings. We see these as a powerful celebration of Palestinian identity, culture, and activism. 

📷 All photos taken by Ahmed Masoud, one of our partners from PalArt Collective.

@AliJabaly ‘in love with cactus’

@AliJabaly ‘Memory of Poets’ -  Mahmoud Darwish, Fadwa Tuqan & Samih Al Qasim 

Olive tree harvest, a symbol of Palestinian identity

"On this earth is what is worth living for" - a quote from Mahmoud Darwish, “My country is not a backpack and I am not a traveller" & “there is no easy walk to freedom”


‘Dabke’ a traditional Palestinian folk dance

Israeli govt's military offensive on Gaza in Aug 2022

In October, we published an investigation on the Israeli government’s military offensive on the occupied Gaza strip in August 2022. Palestinians are not just numbers and their oppression should not be treated as a passing footnote. Watch and share their stories below ⬇️