Make a Will Month 2017

Six-year-old Noura and her family were forced to flee from Syria
Six-year-old Noura and her family were forced to flee from Syria, they're now trapped in a Greek refugee camp © GIORGOS MOUTAFIS/AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL

One month. One great opportunity.

Between 1 and 31 March 2017, we’ll be hosting our annual free* will-writing scheme, Make a Will Month,  giving you the opportunity to write a Will for the first time or update an existing Will, so it reflects your current wishes.

This year, a record-breaking number of will-writing solicitors in England, Scotland and Wales have agreed to participate in the scheme and have given up their time for free.

Having a Will isn’t a legal requirement, but it’s the only way to ensure that your estate is passed on to the people and charities that you want it to go to. Without a Will, it’s the legal system that decides who receives what from your estate.

Amnesty International UK’s Make a Will Month makes writing or changing your Will simple and convenient.

Rosie Cade is a passionate Amnesty supporter. She used the Make a Will scheme last year, and left a gift to Amnesty in her Will.

'I used Amnesty’s free will service last year after getting a letter about it. I went on to the Amnesty website to find a solicitor, who quickly set up a meeting with me. It was quick and easy. I got an important job done and I know my legacy will make a difference protecting human rights in the future.'

Finding a solicitor

Taking part is simple: Just click on one of the links below to find a list of participating solicitors near to where you live or work, whichever is most convenient for you.

Simply call or email your chosen local solicitor directly to arrange an appointment during Make a Will Month (1-31 March 2017). See all participating solicitors across the UK on the map below.

Can’t find a local Make a Will Month participating solicitor?

This year, we have more solicitors than ever before taking part in Make a Will Month, but if you can’t find a participating solicitor near to where you live or work, then Amnesty International UK is also a member of the National Free Wills Network. This scheme, which runs throughout the year, gives individuals the chance to make or update their Will, free of charge, at participating solicitors across the UK. If you would like to use the Free Wills Network, please email for further information.

Preparing for your meeting

Our guide to Make a Will Month gives you useful details and guidance about how to use the scheme. It also includes a simple Will planner which will help you prepare for your meeting with your chosen solicitor.

Download our guide to preparing your Will (PDF)

Supporting Amnesty in your Will

While there’s no obligation to include a gift to Amnesty International in your Will, we hope that those taking part in Make a Will Month will consider doing so. Leaving a gift to Amnesty in your Will is one of the most valuable ways you can help protect individuals wherever freedom, peace and justice are denied. Just 1% of your estate could make a life-changing difference by helping us to tackle human rights abuses and protect individuals in the future.

How much does it cost?

Our Make a Will Month scheme offers you the opportunity to have a Will written or updated for free by a local solicitor. Please be aware that appointments may be limited and in some cases complex Wills may incur a cost*

Get in touch

Got a question? Our Legacy team are happy to help.


Phone: 020 7033 1627

Terms and Conditions

Please note that use of our Make a Will Month scheme is governed by the following Terms and Conditions.

Amnesty International UK’s Make a Will Month is offered as a free will-writing scheme. Solicitors may recommend that you leave a gift to Amnesty International UK in your Will or make a donation at the time of writing your Will, but you are under no obligation to do so.

Solicitors have agreed to prepare simple Wills, or amend existing Wills, for free. However, if the solicitor finds that the Will is more complicated, then they are entitled to ask the user to pay the difference between their normal fee for a simple Will and the actual fee. Solicitors are required to notify users in cases where a fee will be charged, and agree this in advance of any Will being written. Solicitors are also free to set a limit on the volume of Wills they have capacity to make as part of the scheme.