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Let your humanity live on

Throughout history, there have always been attacks on freedom, justice and dignity. It can be sad to see what human beings are capable of, but there is always hope. Because for every perpetrator, there are people who care enough to protect human rights, wherever they are under threat.

By supporting Amnesty International, you've been on the right side of history, shaping some of the most important moments of our times. By pledging a gift in your Will, you can let your humanity live on.

I left a gift in my will

Writing or updating your will in 4 simple steps

1. Write or update your list of assets

List the value of everything you own and whether you share ownership of anything. Also include any debts that could reduce your estate. You can then use our free Will writing service to make or update your Will.

2. Choose your executors

In your Will, include the names of the people you trust to carry out your wishes. These can be family members, friends, or professionals such as solicitors and accountants. It’s best to consult your chosen executors before you appoint them.

3. Support the people and causes you care about

After any other beneficiaries are taken care of, you may wish to support the charities and causes you care about. If you would like to include Amnesty International UK, please use the wording supplied on the right.

4. Finish your Will

You will need two independent witnesses present when you sign your Will. These witnesses cannot be beneficiaries of your estate. Then choose a safe place to store your Will, where it will be easy to locate. It’s important to keep your Will up to date if your circumstances change.


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Use our downloadable guide

Our downloadable Gifts in Wills guide includes lots of useful details about how to leave a gift to Amnesty International in your Will, and explains why legacies are so important to the continuation of our work.


Use our free will writing service

Our Free Wills Service makes it easy for you to write or update your Will at no cost to you.


Information for your solicitor or will-writer

You and your solicitor/will-writer will need these details when including a charitable gift to Amnesty International UK in your Will:

Name: Amnesty International UK Section Charitable Trust
Charity number: England and Wales (1051681) and Scotland (SC039534)
Address: The Human Rights Action Centre, 17-25 New Inn Yard, London EC2A 3EA

If you already have a Will and would like to update it to include a gift to Amnesty International UK, we have a downloadable codicil form to use to do this. Completed codicil forms should be kept with your Will – talk to your solicitor to find out more.


Contact Amnesty about leaving a gift in your will