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Invitation to Tender - Laptops-DC

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Amnesty International UK seeks a partner to supply us with new laptops

Amnesty International UK seeks a partner to supply us with new laptops.


As a global movement of more than 10 million people, Amnesty International is the world's largest grassroots human rights organisation. We investigate and expose abuses, educate and mobilise the public, and help transform societies to create a safer, more just world. We received the Nobel Peace Prize for our life-saving work. Amnesty International UK (AIUK) is a national section of this global movement. We have around half a million supporters, members and activists in the UK.                                   


2022 saw AIUK embark on a new strategic plan and theory of change that will take us up to at least 2030. This strategy is the most comprehensive and forward-looking we’ve ever had. It aims to help us effect deep, long-lasting change for human rights, underpinned by two key principles: taking a long-term approach, and focusing on addressing the root causes of human rights abuses. With these in mind, the strategy is organised into:

•    Strategic goals 
•    Priority issues 
•    Cross-cutting themes
•    Enablers

As part of the Enablers strand of this strategy we are committed to supplying the right technical tools for the organisation. To this end we will be upgrading our existing laptop estate to help drive efficiencies within the organisation.


Our key objective for this project is to be able to rollout 110 laptops over the course of the next 12 months.  We will need to be able to call down tranches of laptops when we need them as well as having a robust guarantee and warranty.  We would like this to be the start of a longer-term strategic relationship.
As a human rights organisation we have to be able to justify our procurements not just on a cost and functionality basis, but on an ethical and ecological basis as well.

About You

We would value a partner that is willing to work with us to refine our objective in order to help us pursue the best route to achieve our overall goal. 

It is also important to us that any partner we work with shares AIUK’s values and understands the opportunities and challenges inherent in being a movement of people.

The successful supplier will:

·    Have extensive experience of supporting technology change projects for complex organisations who work on a range of issues.
·    Have the knowledge, skills and experience required to provide insights and identify opportunities, in assisting us to set out our technical requirements.

Scope And Specification

We already have a reasonable understanding of the needs of our user base and have identified that as a minimum the new laptops should have the following characteristics:

•    Screen: 2 models – 13’’ and 15’’
•    Processor: Intel 13th Gen - i5 or i7, or AMD Ryzen 7000 series 5 or 7 series
•    RAM: minimum 16Gb, preferably expandible
•    Storage: minimum 512Gb SSD
•    USBC power delivery compatibility for use with docking stations 
•    Webcam

Submissions And Timeline - EXTENDED TO 21 APRIL 2024

We are open to having virtual pre-meets (via Microsoft Teams) with interested parties to dissect the brief and answer any questions you may have before compiling your response.  We will be hosting information Q&As for any potential suppliers to attend. If this would be of interest, please contact Claire Silburn ( to register your interest to attend.

We ask that written submissions (in Word or PDF format) are received by 23:59 on 21 April 2024. Submissions should be sent by email (in Word of PDF format) to

We intend to shortlist these responses the following week and invite selected prospects to present in late April (date dependent on procurement panel availability), before making a final decision and awarding the contract. 

We would like the initial written responses to address the following areas directly: 

•    Detailed specifications of laptops
•    Costs and timelines
•    Compatibility with AIUK’s values and ethics
•    Experiences and references for similar projects
•    Completed supplier questionnaire 

Supporting Resources / Further Reading

AIUK’s 2022-2030 Strategic Plan and Theory of Change

Invitation to Tender - Laptops - Extended deadline.pdf
Supplier questionnaire for completion.doc