Aug 16 2018 12:03AM
Lecture in Hull: "From Suffragettes to #MeToo"
As HAG's representative on the Wilberforce Lecture Trust I just wanted to remind everybody about this year's lecture at the Freedom Festival (30 Aug-2 Sep). Not quite Kofi Annan, but we will have Dr Helen Pankhurst, great-granddaughter...
Aug 15 2018 11:49PM
A Successful Day in Berwick
The Berwick and Eastern Borders Amnesty Group manned a stall at the annual Spittal Seaside Festival on August 11th. The festival attracts thousands of visitors to Spittal to enjoy a weekend of traditional seaside fun. We felt this was...
Aug 1 2018 9:25AM
A Living Tradition CIC Gateshead Roma Kavárna Project Report for July 2018
The Kavárna has continued to serve the Czech and Slovak Roma community in Gateshead and Newcastle during the month of July. As well as continuing issues around debt and housing, we have become increasingly concerned about what will hap...
Jul 25 2018 6:41PM
Meeting the Bradford Rohingya Community
On Monday 23rd July, I met with Salah Uddin and Nur Huda, two members of the Bradford Rohingya Community. Salah works for the community on a part-time basis, while Nur is the chairman of the BRC. Salah, who is a young man of 22, was bo...
Jul 12 2018 4:17PM
York Amnesty Group Events
Amnesty International is campaigning against the adverse effect of policies on Human Rights that Donald Trump has pursued since becoming President of the USA: Tearing families apart at the border Keeping Guantánamo open Attacking women...
Jul 9 2018 3:25PM
A Living Tradition CIC Gateshead Roma Kavárna Project Report for June 2018
The work of the Kavárna Drop-in on Coatsworth Road continued during June. Hard on the heels of the news that £26 000 in unclaimed benefits had been found in the previous two and a half months , debt work continued to be an important ar...
Jun 14 2018 11:04PM
Reg Conf June 2018 - Fundraising
Information from Richard Glynn The Community Fundraising team will be publishing fundraising guidelines shortly. Please keep an eye out for these in the local group mailing and read them thoroughly. They will help you navigate new rule...
Jun 13 2018 10:18PM
Reg Conf June 2018 - Circles of Commitment
Circles of Commitment: The "Australian" Model
Jun 13 2018 10:03PM
Reg Conf June 2018 - Children's Network
The Children's Network gave a very interesting presentation.
Jun 13 2018 9:54PM
Reg Conf June 2018 Photographs
See the photographs of The Action by clicking on the link.