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November 2023 2nd update

Despite technology issues again on my side, we successfully held a virtual Teams meeting.  

Write for Rights:

  1. Write for Rights stall on 2 December isn't happening as Woking Borough Council is fully booked.  
  2. Monica has 4 packs of Write for Rights campaign material which she will bring to our next meeting on the 4th December, as well as some blank cards
  3. Please bring festive nibbles and non-alcohol drinks
  4. We will be located in the cabin at the back of the church (not in our normal room) and the session will be just face to face.  No online Teams.


  1. Lynda will pay our Group fees to Woking and contribution to Trinity Church for use of the room. 
  2. Paying these will leave us with about £700 in the bank, so at our next session we need to agree how much we should donate to Amnesty, particularly as we didn't give anything last year.

South America

Monica gave a brief update on this continent.  Here are some of the urgent actions sent to her by the country coordinator:

  1. Amnesty UK launched its Write for Rights 2023 campaign on behalf of Ana Maria Santos Cruz, who is fighting for justice for the killing of her son Pedro Henriquez by the police in the state of Bahia in 2018.
  2. On 24th October human rights lawyer Alberto Nallar was sentenced to 3 years and 6 months in prison for crimes of “Instigation to commit crimes and sedition.” Alberto Nallar had been arrested on 13th July following the peaceful protests in Jujuy Province; there has been an Amnesty International Urgent Action calling for charges against him to be dropped since then.  

  3. The Urgent Action demanding an end to impunity can be worked on till 27th November. It’s on the AIUK website (ignore the “0 days left to take action”). 4 years ago, peaceful protests throughout Chile were heavily repressed by the Carabineros. At the end of last year, the National Prosecutor's Office had brought charges in only 127 of the 10,568 complaints of human rights violations during the period of social unrest, resulting in 27 convictions and eight acquittals. No police commanders have been held accountable.


Jen has provided a link to an Israeli/Arab forum for peace event which is due to take place on Wednesday evening.  This sounds very moving and interesting.   I shall aim to attend.


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