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November 2023

In advance of our November meeting, we'd like to provide some links and updates from Amnesty to you all and to think about our next meeting on the 6th November.  It’s exactly at times like this that Amnesty’s purpose is justified.  With so many atrocities occurring right now but also the Israeli settlements, we need to do something.  And above all else, lives are being destroyed right now.

At our next session, we would like to do more than just write a letter to Netanyahu, Biden, Sunak etc urging to work with Israeli/Palestinian leads (whoever else) to get the hostages released; support safe passages for aid and civilians; and to stop more civilian casualties… but perhaps we could create posters/placards during the session with words such as “free the hostages”, “end apartheid”, “safe passages”, etc.  You get the drift. At the end we take a photo to use on social media and may write a letter to the News & Mail as well on behalf of our group (with reviews by our co-chairs)

Here are some useful links from various sources that provide some updates on the current catastrophe:

Amnesty’s press release :

BBC Sounds: What was Hamas thinking?  (thanks Monica)

Here’s one of the links from Amnesty’s Campaign page: End Israeli Apartheid | Amnesty International UK – there is a video clip in this which I shall look to download so we can watch that without the need for internet connection.

As a separate action, we will also discuss our Write For Rights campaign for December.

Please contact us if you need the Teams link for joining the meeting online.

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