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March 2022

Next meeting is Monday 7th March 7.30pm. 

Palestine speakers are not available just now so we'll defer till a summer month. We will instead focus on the following....

1 / Ukraine. Our Woking member Franko Kowalczuk has Ukrainian parentage , we stand by you Franko and hope good will prevail. We'll discuss the situation, Amnesty's response and how we as Amnesty members can support the people of Ukraine.

2 / Police, Crimes and Sentencing Bill. This Bill has passed through the Commons, and been reviewed by the Lords who have recommended amendments. Keith is hoping to get abreast of the state of the Bill and pass on to us what we need to know. The Amnesty UK website does have an action for anyone to pursue.

3 / Amnesty Woking going forward through 2022. Franko may have some news about the proposed collection this Autumn. Les may have an update on our speaker for April meeting and we can discuss any other initiatives that individual members might like to lead on for the group and future meetings.

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