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January 2024 update

We had a lively discussion last night, with 2 new members joining us. Amazingly internet connectivity held firm and we successfully had members join both virtually and in person!! Technical is truly great when it works.

We did some planning for this year's activities as follows - so get your diaries out :

  • 27 Jan - Regional Surrey Borders Network Group Get-together.  10am-3pm at Maybury Centre, Woking

  • 5 Feb, next meeting, we shall do a photo campaign for Gaza. You are invited to bring placards to write on and some marker pens to either draw or write the words you intend to write. We shall take a photo of us and then share as far and wide as possible.

  • 4 March meeting we intend to use to do an Iran/Iraq update.  Monica will see about getting a speaker and Keith also knows someone from Iran who could also provide a personal update.

  • 8 April meeting - will be planning / finalising the Amnesty Quiz.

  • 20 April - proposed Amnesty Quiz - subject to availability of key attendees and whether Guildford would be interested in joining forces.  We are looking to use the Maybury Centre if possible.  Jen/Keith agreed to pick up.

  • 13 May - Steph to provide an update on Asia/China.

  • 1 June - Discuss AGM Resolutions - we would like to use our Group Vote during this session.  Monica agreed to follow up with this.

  • 22 June - proposed Amnesty AGM (virtual as well as in person).

  • 1 July - Actions

  • August - off

  • 2 Sept - Columbia / South America - Keith; finalising Collection day.

  • 21 September - Amnesty Collection date - Steph to do the WBC form and gain interest from our members

  • 7 October - Actions

  • 4 November - Plan for W4R stall/Actions

  • 2 December - Write for Rights - Woking AI Group/social

  • 7 December - Write for Rights stall - Woking, Commercial Way

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