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Guildford Meeting

Marilyn at the Guildford group has arranged a last minute speaker on Palestine as per details below. Amnesty is currently focusing on Palestine and this will prove to be a very illuminating talk for anyone who can attend.

Talk on Palestine in Zero Hub, 14-16 Friary St. on Thursday, 14th July at 7.30.

Professor Mazin Qumsiyeh

The Global Struggle for Environmental
Justice in the Context of Palestine

Prof. Qumsiyeh is founder and director of the Palestine Museum of Natural History
and the Institute for Biodiversity and Sustainability. He currently teaches and
conducts research at Bethlehem University after previously holding senior
positions at Yale University as well as Birzeit University and Al-Quds University
in the West Bank. He has published several books on environmental issues. As a
Palestinian biologist and a human rights activist, Prof. Qumsiyeh is uniquely
positioned to explore the impact of the Israeli occupation on the natural ecosystems
of the West Bank and strategies for protecting its rich biodiversity.

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