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February 2024

We shall be meeting next Monday where the focus will be on the situation in Gaza.  

There will be another letter for us to sign, but also Keith has kindly organised for a contact of his from World Council of Churches, Patrick Lonergan, to come and speak to the group about his recent trip to Gaza.  This should prove moving and informative.  

We would like to do a photo campaign as well. You are invited to bring some paper, pens and placards upon which to write some words of your choice which we will then hold up and have our photo taken either separately and/or as a group.  We can then use social media to promote awareness of our Campaign.

If you are unable to make it in person (Music Room, Trinity Church), you can join us on Teams - email to get the login details.

The agenda for the evening will be roughly along the lines of the following:

  • Update on any actions from last meeting;
  • Steph's update from the Surrey and Borders Network event last Saturday;
  • Gaza update from Patrick;
  • Campaign Posters;
  • Photos!

A lot to squeeze in for our group meeting, which should end around about 9pm!!

Separately, we want let you know about the Runnymede Amnesty event happening on Wednesday, 14 February. Nabila Hudson will be attending their session in person to talk about the situation in China.  They'd love more people to join them, so if you are interested, then please contact : so they can organise refreshments and seating.

Thanks in advance,

Steph, Monica and Keith (co-chairs Amnesty Woking)

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