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February 2023 report

On Monday 6 February Keith spoke at our group meeting on the situation in Israel and what he had seen when he went there last October leading a Quaker group. The situation is worsening all the time and when the group went to the Friends School in Ramallah they found that one of the pupils there had been arrested and detained in the middle of the night from his home without charge.

At the end of the meeting we discussed what we could do as a group. We decided to investigate how Woking as a town can twin with a Palestinian town and Keith is following up on this. We also decided we wanted to support the Israel Apartheid week next month and decided that at our March meeting on Monday 6 March we would hold a screening of one of the films that Amnesty is recommending about the Nakhba. The Nakhba was when many Palestinians were forced from their lands by the Israeli security forces 75 years ago at the time of the foundation of the Israeli state.

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