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December 2023 update

Thanks so much for everyone who came last night for our final session of 2023. It was super to see and catch up with some older / former members after such a long break. In the end, we had a large group and successfully signed quite a number of cards and thanks to Monica's diligent efforts, we also signed about 10 letters to country officials in support of Amnesty's Write for Right Campaign.  

We also had a lovely set of cards (30 in total) given to us from our church contact, Allison.. thanks so much!! And thanks for your donation to our group too.

We also shared some festive nibbles and Peter brought his usual non-alcoholic gluwein which always goes down very well.

In terms of updates for the group... 

  1. Leslie has formally stood down as co-chair due primarily to other commitments. He has still agreed to keep hold of the AI gazebo, to sign off our finances and generally support the group where he can. Thanks so much for your support so far.
  2. We have a new member join the group - Chloe Gibson from Media Group. She has been on marches and is keen to do more and has PR skills.. so bring it on! We look forward to meeting Chloe in our January planning session.
  3. We agreed to transfer £500 of our funds to Amnesty UK which Lynda will sort out.  We didnt send any funds last year so it is nice to be able do so again this year. Thanks to everyone who supported and donated to the group this year.
  4. Lynda has also organised payment of our Group fees to Amnesty and also to the Church for use of the room. Thanks Lynda! 
  5. Our next session will be back in the usual Music Room in the Church on Monday, 8 January at 7:30pm. This session is normally the one where is plan what activities we'd like to do and put dates in diaries.
  6. Lastly, if you are interested, then this is the link to the Amnesty actions page which includes some of the individuals for whom we signed cards:
  7. I think that's it then for 2023. Until next time, keep well and safe and enjoy time with those closest, see you all in 2024.  
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