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April 2024 Update

Just a brief update for this month's meeting as we focused the majority of the session discussing the upcoming Quiz on the 20th.  We have sold a fair number of tickets but could do with selling more.. so do what you can to continue to promote and invite!!!  Thanks to those who have been able to re-arrange their schedule to join us!


Separately, we signed a letter, this time on a human rights lawyer, Yu Wensheng and Xu Yan, his wife, both are being detained for merely expressing their freedom of speech.  Their situation is dire but also their 18 year old son is mentally unwell from having been subjected to years of monitoring by the government and being separated from both parents.


Monica attended an event about the issue of companies re-directing water in Guatemala which is causing devastation to indigenous people.. She will organise a letter to government officials for the next meeting.


Next month's May session will be focused on one of the South American countries, hopefully we will get confirmation of a speaker for that meeting.  Monica is organising something.


So.. looking forward to our Quiz and seeing as many of you there as we can!


Thanks for all your support.

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