Impressions from the Amnesty International AGM in Swansea | Westminster and Bayswater | 27 May 2018 | Amnesty International UK

Impressions from the Amnesty International AGM in Swansea

One of the group members who joined Amnesty International Westminster Bayswater Group just a few months ago, attended the Amnesty International UK Annual General Meeting which took place 7-8 April at Swansea University's Bay Campus. Here are her impressions: 

I attended the AIUK National Conference and AGM for the first time this year and thought it was a wonderful and inspiring weekend. The two day programme was filled with workshops, panel discussions and debates on resolutions that would influence the direction of AIUK work.

The workshops covered a range of topics and human rights issues including Brexit, refugees, the Occupied Palestinian Territories and the future of the AGM. I found the discussion around welcoming refugees into our communities particularly interesting. It was emotional listening to the first hand experiences of Aram Faraj and the battle he fought to bring his family to the UK. This was connected to the Football Welcomes campaign and highlighted the contribution that the local football club made to help him. There was also reference to the number of football teams that have been involved in welcoming refugees to the local communities and it was inspiring listening to the activities that other Amnesty International campaigns groups had been organising.

The panel discussion later that day focused on Brave Women at the forefront of the human rights struggle and included women from Northern Ireland, Poland, UK and AIUK. They spoke passionately about a range of women’s issues including sexual and reproductive rights, online abuse that politically active women face and the importance of campaigning for better rights.

The next day the main business of the AGM took place and included elections of new members and debates on resolutions. The discussions that took place were thought-provoking and added new perspectives on issues such as tackling homelessness and campaigning for UK citizens to have the right to live with their legally recognised partner, amongst others.

It was a great opportunity to attend the AGM and I’m sure it will not be my last!


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