Aug 2 2017 5:49PM
Volunteer for the Wells Street Collection Saturday 5th August!
Come and help raise funds for Amnesty.
Aug 2 2017 5:37PM
Priddy Folk Festival Amnesty Display
Beautiful weather at this year's Priddy Folk Festival, perfect for an outdoor display.
Aug 2 2017 5:35PM
Amnesty at Glastonbury 2017!
Taking the Amnesty message to the Glastonbury Festival!
Aug 2 2017 5:34PM
Wells Market Amnesty Stall
One of our tireless, cheerful group members raising awareness at the Wells market. Free balloons for everyone!
Aug 2 2017 5:29PM
I Welcome exhibition
The I Welcome exhibition formed part of our relaunch meeting in June 2017. It was very well attended and we hope to see more new members at future events!
Aug 2 2017 5:28PM
Amnesty Wells Group relaunch
Child Refugee Presentation to Amnesty Members, part of the Wells Group relaunch meeting at which we displayed the I Welcome photographic exhibition.
Aug 2 2017 5:27PM
Presentation to the Wells Group members at Wells & Mendip Museum
A very informative and thought-provoking presentation about the child refugees.
Jul 13 2017 10:41AM
Wells Amnesty Group - Next Event
The Next Event for the Wells Amnesty Group is the Big Relaunch. Wednesday 21 June, Wells Museum @ 7:30. Speakers on Children's Human Rights. Refreshments