How We Can Help People in Zimbabwe - Talk Monday 24th June


We have capaigned on behalf of members of WOZA, Woment of Zimbabwe Arise, a number of times.  Sadly this year eight members have been arrested at a peaceful demonstration and beaten by police.

We will learn more about these women and the current situation in Zimbabwe when Maggie Towse, UK Country Coordinator for Zimbabwe,  comes to talk to us on the evening of Monday, 24th June.  The talk will be at St. Mary’s Parish Centre, Watford,  7.45pm for 8pm.

It will be in a meeting room at the back of the church building - the Church faces the High Street, opposite stores such as M&S. It is possible to park in Exchange Road car park, the main exit being only a short distance from the church.

There is a historical connection between the UK and Zimbabwe and it is anticipated there will be strong support for AIUK’s campaign. We will hear how our campaigning can make a difference.

This is a particularly important time as human rights violations are predicted in the run-up to an election.

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