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Feb 16 2024 2:47PM
December 2023 Minutes

The meeting included updates on our successful stalls on 25 Nov and 2 Dec. More cards were sold than last year, and more cards signed for Write for Rights.

Oct 24 2023 5:55PM
October 2023 Minutes

There was a long discussion about the dreadful events in IOPT in the last few days. Horror and disgust were expressed regarding the acts of Hamas and there was anxiety about the implications of the likely response of the current...

Oct 24 2023 5:52PM
September 2023 Minutes

Forward planning at this meeting included the November meeting (8 th Nov) being organised an online meeting with the Parents Circle – Family Forum – an organisation in Israel which brings together Palestinian and Israeli families which...

Oct 24 2023 5:45PM
July 2023 Minutes

This meeting included updates on Omar Radi imprisoned in Egypt and an action about Iranian schoolgirls being unable to attend school because of systematic and organised gas attacks which lead to girls being ill and some hospitalised...

Oct 24 2023 5:38PM
June 2023 Minutes

We discussed the demonstration regarding the refit of the barge, for housing asylum seekers, taking place in Falmouth. The street collection at the start of the month and the successful use of the new card reader. Next meeting : Wed 12...

Oct 24 2023 5:32PM
May 2023 Minutes

This meeting included updates on regional campaigns including North Africa, Mexico and Central America and IOPT and Lebanon plus forward planning for street collections and the book stall.

May 8 2023 12:33PM
April 2023 Minutes

This meeting included actions on North Africa and updates on an ongoing campaign for Mohamed Baker, campaign updates in Mexico and central America, IOPT and Lebanon. There was also forward planning for street collections on 15th April...

May 8 2023 12:24PM
March 2023 Minutes

As this meeting was held on International Women’s Day, we did a photo action, holding up the names of Human Rights Defenders and other persecuted women.

May 8 2023 12:21PM
February 2023 Meeting and AGM Minutes

Updates on North Africa, Mexico and Central America and IOPT and Lebanon. This meeting included the group's AGM.

Feb 5 2023 11:36AM
January 2023 Minutes

This meeting was held on 11 January there were updates on North Africa, Mexico and Central America, Israel and Occupied Palestinian Territories, the former Soviet Union and the Death Penalty.