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Oct Meeting + AGM Minutes.

Truro and Falmouth Amnesty International Group

Minutes of Meeting held on 10th October 2018

  1. Present: Margaret George, Georgie Wong, Linnea Glynne-Rule, Chris Ramsey, Meike Koops, Hetty Tye, Karen Cooper.
  2. Apologies:. Wailim Wong, Carole Liesse, Shirley Sweeney.
  3. Matters arising from the Minutes of the meeting held on 12 September 2018: Chris had got the advance notice of the Write for Rights cases. Georgie had got the Xmas cards to sell and brought them to the meeting. The Street Collection in Falmouth made £76.57. Margaret had raised with the licensing authority the fact that 2 other collections taking place on the same day. She had a reply to ask which organisations were concerned and it was agreed she should pass on the information that it was the Salvation Army and Marie Curie.
  4. Secretary’s report: the monthly email had been circulated. It contained actions to take on The Brave Campaign and the 20th anniversary of the HR Act. It was agreed to write to MPs and to obtain materials, available from 20th October.
  5. Treasurer’s report: Karen reported that we have £954.96. £550 is owed for cards ordered, but we should recoup that with sales. Chris agreed to find out whether AI recommends a bank as we are unhappy with HSBC – they seem to be difficult to deal with and are also unethical. The rent has been paid till the end of December. Chris will contact Steve to ask for receipts.
  6. Campaigns:

North AfricaEgypt: Hetty brought a letter to sign for Amal Fathy. There was a regular letter to sign for Azza Soliman. Re Morocco  a card was signed to go to Ali Arrass.

Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories: Chris reported about the Bedouin community under threat – their buildings being demolished while Israeli settlers are allowed to build. A letter was signed on behalf of Iman Nasser, an NGO organiser on the West Bank who is in administrative detention, given 6 months with no charges. 6 Palestinians were killed within 24 hours.  The Palestinian authority has asked the UN to order that the US embassy be moved from Jerusalem. The UK government recognises the Palestinian Authority and they are admitted to the UN.

Former Soviet Union – no report

Central America – no report


  1. Forthcoming events
  1. One World week beginning 20th October. The theme is Be the Change. It was agreed to set up a stall and also our cage and highlight the case of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe. The current campaign is to get people to write what they would do with one day of freedom and then the ideas will be put into a book for Nazanin and her family. Chris would be starting this off at Truro College on 17th when he was running a session with students. Linnea agreed to attend with him. Georgie and Margaret would put up the stall on Sat 20th.
  2. Xmas stalls are booked for 24 Nov and 1st Dec at High Cross and 8th Dec at the Mayor’s charity event (a marquee on the Piazza.) Meike, Chris and Linnea agreed to each chose a case for the Write for Rights booklets and then they can be laminated for the stalls. Meike can print off messages to be stuck onto postcards which will help when people do not know what to write.


  1. NEXT MEETING: Wed 13th November at 7pm, Sambells café, Truro Methodist Church.

Minutes of AGM held 10 October 2018


1.Present:, Margaret George, Hetty Tye, Karen Cooper, Chris Ramsey, Georgie Wong, , Linnea Glynne-Rule, Meike Koops.

2.Apologies :  Shirley Sweeney, Wailim Wong, Carole Liesse.

3.Minutes of AGM held 13.9.17: these were agreed as a true record

4.Election of Officers for 2018/19:

Chair – Chris Ramsey

Vice Chair – Meike Koops

Secretary – Margaret George

Treasurer –  Karen Cooper

Digital media – Meike Koops

Stalls/Collections Organiser – Georgie Wong

Cathedral Information – Georgie Wong

Press Officer – Wailim Wong

Casework Coordinators – N Africa- Hetty Tye, Israel and the Occupied Territories- Chris Ramsey, Central America – Georgie Wong, Former Soviet Union – Margaret George

5.Financial Report: Karen provided a written report.  It was agreed that we should look into changing the bank to a more ethical one.

6.AOB: there was no other business.

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