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Montly Meeting + AGM. 9 Sep, 19.30

Our next meeting will be on Wed 9th Sept at  7.30 at St Piran's RC Church (opposite Halfords), Truro. The normal meeting will be preceded by the  AGM.

Truro and Falmouth Amnesty International Group

Minutes of the AGM held 10 Sept  2014

  1. Present:

 Chris Ramsey,  Margaret George, Georgie Wong, Hetty Tye Karen Cooper,  Linnea Glynne-Rule,  Robin Sellwood,  Wailim Wong, Megan Bridgeland, Lucky Kaur, Shirley Sweeney, Amelia Scanlan.


  1. Apologies :  None


  1. Minutes of the AGM held on 11 Sept  2013

  It was agreed that these were a true record.


  1. Election of Officers for 2014:
  • Chair Hetty Tye 
  • Secretary  Margaret George
  • Treasurer  Linnea Glynne-Rule
  • Digital media  Karen Cooper
  • Membership Secretary  Chris Ramsey
  • Stalls / Collections Organiser  Georgie Wong
  • Casework coordinators  - N Africa: Linnea Glynne-Rule,  Wailim Wong

Central America: Georgie Wong

Stop Torture: Wailim Wong, Amelia Scanlan

Israel and Occupied Palestinian territory: Chris Ramsey

Women's rights in Afghanistan: Margaret George, Hetty Tye

  • Cathedral information Robin Sellwood



  1. Financial Report: Linnea submitted the attached report. She reported that we currently had £1376.10 in the account. £500 had already been sent to AIUK this year.


  1. Date of AGM: It was agreed that we should continue to hold the AGM in September.

Treasurer’s Report to the AGM September  10th 2014

Amnesty uses the calendar year as the financial year so that our final accounts  for 2014  will be available for the February 2015 meeting.  On 31 December 2013 the group had a bank balance of £933.45 which was down by £136.67 on the previous year. However the group currently has a balance of £1376.10 which compares favourably  with the balance at the end of August 2013 of £849.30. Two things have contributed to this, one is the extra help at the street collection from the Falmouth students which led to raising £278.69, and second the very successful Kasbah evening  which raised  £233.20. 

For the interest of members the balance is generally between £900.00 and £1000.00 – the largest balance was £1376.10  at the end of August 2014 and the lowest was £623.97 at the end of May   after £200.00 was paid to AIUK and the rent to the church.  The group has again sent a total of £500.00 to AIUK   this year. My own view is the group should continue this amount each year.

The subscription was raised to £7.50 at the last AGM and no further increase is proposed at present. Increasingly members are paying the £7.50. It might be useful to contact those still paying the £5.00.

There is currently sufficient funding for public events.  However it would be useful if members could think about other ideas for fund raising.

Linnea Glynne-Rule, Hon Treasurer


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