Minutes. January Meeting

Truro and Falmouth Amnesty International Group

 Minutes of Meeting held on 14 Jan 2015

  1. Present: Hetty Tye, Robin Sellwood, Margaret George,  Linnea Glynne-Rule, Karen Cooper, Wailim Wong,  Chris Ramsey,  Megan Bridgeland,  Carys Hill.

  2. Apologies : ,Shirley Sweeney,  Georgie Wong, Lucky Kaur.

  3. Matters arising from the minutes of  12 Dec 2014:

    Georgie had received an answer from Georgia Booth, saying that Norma Cruz is glad to get letters but does not usually have time to respond individually. Hetty had brought a card to send to COFADEH. The Central America Newsletter was circulated.

    On N Africa, Linnea had phoned Ann Marcus to confirm that she and Wailim are leading on this. Wailim agreed to write to Ann with a summary of our activities.

  4.  Secretary's report:

  1. There was no January groups mailing, but the 2015 Planning Pack is expected soon.

  2. Margaret and Chris had had emails from students at Truro college (Holly and Jemima) who are wanting to organise an evening for students as part of the Stop Torture campaign. They had asked for advice re possible venues. Suggestions were a room at the City Hall, and approaching the Kasbah . Margaret will contact them plus Celia who organises the students at Truro College. It was agreed to offer some financial help towards booking the City Hall if the is needed. It was also agreed to offer free places and train fares if students want to attend: 3 places for second years and 3 for first years (Megan and Carys would have 2 of these 3).

    5.    Individuals at Risk:

  1. Margaret had received a newsletter from the Former Soviet Union group which works on cases in Central Asia, the Russian federation, Belarus Moldova and Ukraine, and South Caucasus. There were urgent action letters to sign on behalf of Sergei Dolgov (Ukraine), Igor Kalyapin (Russian Federation) and Anna Sergienko and Victor Gorbenko (Ukraine).

  2. On Egypt, Linnea had brought letters to sign.

6.  Stop Torture campaign:  Amelia has booked to go to the training event on 14 Feb. Wailim will check if he is available. Wailim talked about approaching MEPs about Arms fairs. The CIA torture revelations give us impetus to push for answers on the British Government's involvement. Wailim discussed the possibility of doing a public event in Truro, maybe a vigil in front of the cathedral, highlighting the countries that still use torture. Robin will sound out the cathedral as to whether there would be support for this, maybe in the week before Easter.  Wailim now has plenty more materials.

7. Israel and Occupied Palestinian territories: Chris had researched the 'Open Bethlehem' film and decided that it would be better to try to get it shown in the run-up to Xmas 2015, before the students leave. He had not yet contacted the Spanish groups interested in linking up, but will do so.

8. Feather flags: The flag has arrived and looks good.

9. Future events:

  1. 21 Feb SW Regional Conference in Exeter. Chris outlined the agenda. Several members said they would be attending and Margaret will drive up and take anyone who wants to be there early with setting up. See point 4 ii re college students. Chris wondered if there would be places in a Truro School minibus and would contact the group there.

  2. Chris reported that on 21 March there would be a performance at Tremough by Everyday Theatre where we can have an input.

  3. Karen intends to recontact the Golden Tree Productions re staging 'Even if we lose our Lives'.

    10.   Treasurer's report:  Linnea reported that we have £1518.95, nearly £600 more than at this time last year. It was agreed to sent £300 to HQ.

    11. AOB:

  1. Robin reported on a new charity in Truro raising funds to help Afghan women to come over to attend school. This group may be interested in engaging with the play Even if we lose our lives.

  2. Margaret mentioned that we had received a xmas card from the Penzance group.

  3. It was agreed to discuss the money raised/cards signed at our Xmas stalls at the next meeting.

  4. It was agreed to ask Georgie to book a street collection in Truro in May/June

  5. Chris reported that he will be speaking to a Baptist church youth group

  6. Robin reported that Frank Field would be speaking at the cathedral.

  7. Amnesty has been organising a big campaign re the blogger in Saudi Arabia sentenced to 1000 lashes.

    12. Next meeting: this will be on 11 Feb.

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