Minutes. February Meeting

Truro and Falmouth Amnesty International Group

Minutes of Meeting. 10 February 2016


Present: Georgie Wong; Chris Ramsey; Wailim Wong; Karen Cooper; Linnea Glynne-Rule; Chris Clarke; Shirley Sweeney; Hetty Tye; Margaret George

Apologies: Megan Bridgeland


  1. Regional Meeting. Saturday 20 February, Exeter
  • At present approximately 60 people have confirmed their attendance
  • There will be an action outside Exeter Cathedral regarding refugees. Exeter is a City of Sanctuary - movement to respond positively to refugees. Suggested this is investigated with view to getting Truro to join
  • Truro and Falmouth members to be there for 9.00 to help set up, register participants etc. Lift sharing arranged. Wailim to email other members regarding lift sharing


  1. Correspondence:
  1. Monthly Action. Saudi Arabia
  • AI petition calling on the UK government to halt all arms exports to Saudi Arabia as these are used in campaign against Yemen and are a  breach of UK, European and international law according to an independent legal opinion. 
  1. 50 Ways you changed lives
  • Summary of success stories from AI campaigns during 2015. These range from release of activists, compensation, changes to laws etc. Karen to print this out to add to display in Truro Cathedral
  1. Dominican Republic
  • Thousands of Dominicans have been denied their basic human rights since a 2013 ruling that stripped nationality from anyone born to undocumented foreign parents or grandparents since 1929. Without the relevant papers these citizens cannot access education, health care etc. Case study letter signed. study.
  1.  Russia
  • Margaret has received a letter and magazine cutting from Russia. Hetty to organise translation


  • Balance on account is £1165.20.
  • AI affiliation fee of £144 paid. This covers both 2015 and 2016.
  • We will send £500 to AI head office. Send £200 now and balance later this year
  • Reminder that group member’s fees have increased to £7.00. Hetty to contact  people still paying £5.00


  1. Campaigns
  1. North Africa:
  • Disabled student Israa Al-Taweel has been released from house arrest
  • We signed a letter on behalf of Dr Ahmed Abdullah, (a human rights defender) calling on authorities to end harassment and intimidation.
    United Arab Emirates
  • We signed a letter calling on UAE to try 3 men (2 Libyan citizens) facing charges of providing material and financial aid to armed Libyan group, in accordance with international fair trial standards.
  1.  Belarus:
  • We signed a letter expressing our opposition to the death penalty in Belarus – the only country in Europe who still imposes capital punishment
  1. Israel/Palestinian Territories
  • We signed a letter calling on the authorities to release Mohammad Faisal Abu Sakha who works at a circus school teaching children with learning difficulties.
  • C.O. Tair Kaminer was sentenced to 20 days for refusing to serve in Israeli army
  • Muhammed al-Qiq, a journalist has been on hunger strike since November as a protest against torture and ill treatment by Israeli authorities
  • 2 Israelis charged with firebombing a Palestinian family have been sentenced-
  1. Stop Torture Campaign
  • This campaign ends in May with a request for a judge-led enquiry into UK complicity in torture. This is in response to the CIA report on torture in Guantanamo Bay + other involvement in human rights violations in counter-terrorism operations. A petition has been launched
  • We are having a photo action on Perranporth Beach to highlight that St Piran was tortured before being sent to Cornwall and arrived as a refugee. Suggested date is 19 Feb and press will be informed. Shirl, Georgie, Margaret, Wailim, Hetty and Linnea to be involved
  • New rules introduced to investigate torture
  • Adrián Vásquez who spent almost 3 years in jail has been released. He thanked AI for taking action

Ali Aarrass (Morocco)

  • Still imprisoned but has called off hunger strike.  Has joke book produced by AI youth network
  1. My Body, My Rights
  • Campaign comes to an end soon.
  • Wailim to contact Lucky for update



  1. Street collections
  • Saturday 11 June – Truro
  • Falmouth – September/October
  1. Walk
  • Sunday 22 May
  1. Group Planning Pack
  • This has arrived. We will continue to campaign for our existing cases and regions
  • 2 new AI campaigns will be launched to focus on refugees/migrants situation and Human Rights
  1. Festivals
  • There are many festivals in Cornwall but decided to concentrate on:
    Wadebridge – Cornwall Folk Festival, 26 – 29 Aug. Will ask Fashid to email all members in this post code. Green Peace already has a presence in this area
    Looe Music Festival, 25 September. See if we can have a stall at the charity tent
    Tropical Pressure, Mount Pleasant Eco Park, 15 – 17 July
    Cornish Food Festivals – may be a good venue for an Amnestea Party

Royal Cornwall Show – we would need to apply, then join the list of charities

  1. Book Stall
  • Lemon Street Market, 30 July, no more books need collecting


  1. AOB
  • Chris R to update contact details, time of meetings etc on notice board in cathedral. Karen to produce 50 success story resource
  • AGM – Wailim and Chris will attend. Next meeting will look at resolutions


Next meeting, Wednesday, March 9th, 2016

NEW VENUE: Sambells Café, Truro Methodist Church,    18 Union Pl, Truro, Cornwall TR12

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