Minutes April Meeting

Minutes of the meeting of the Truro and Falmouth Amnesty International Group  Wednesday 11th April 2012

Present: Megan Bridgeland; Jenna Clark, Karen Cooper, Linnea Glynne-Rule, Chris Ramsay (chair), Georgie Wong
Apologies:   Steph Brighouse, Margaret George, Lin Scoffin, Robin Selwood, Hetty Tye,
Chris Ramsay welcomed the three new attendees and promised to look for materials for youth groups at the National Conference.
Minutes of the last meeting. These were agreed as correct.
Matters Arising: Linnea reported that she had been in contact with the Co-op Bank and it would not be a problem to have an account with them and she had the relevant forms.
Israel and the Occupied Territories  Hanna Shalabi was in administrative detention, i.e. detained without being charged. There  300 persons detained in this way. She has agreed to go to Gaza but must not engage in any political activities, against the state of Israel,  then after three years  she might be allowed to return to the West Bank.   In response to a letter from the group, an unsigned letter had been received from the Public Affairs  Dept of the  Israeli Embassy detailing the current position. 
Linnea reported that the group had met and had sent letters as requested. The St John’s Wood group had been contacted but no reply had been received. The group were meeting again on May 2nd.
Campaign for adherence to the Arms Trade Treaty. Monthly Action. Georgie agreed to write to Sarah Newton.
Street Collection 30th June 2012 in Truro
Sri Lanka  Amnesty  trying to get an investigation into the student killed in 2006. All six people present signed a letter.
Saudi Arabia Shiite/Sunni conflict the group sent letters re Fadhel Maki al-Manazif.
A letter had been received from Sarah Newton M.P. about the demolition of Palestinian homes in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.
There was no treasurer’s report.
Libya – Human Rights for the new Libyans. There was a worry that the new Libyans might not be receiving full human rights and the group had written to the Libyan Embassy expressing their concern. There was a positive reply from the Libyan Embassy stating they are working towards human rights through the transition government.
The next meeting will be on May 9th at St Piran’s Church Hall.
Summary document of the situation in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories
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