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May Group meeting minutes

Truro and Falmouth Amnesty International Group

Minutes of meeting held on 9th May 2012

1.       Present:, Margaret George, Liz Grant, Georgie Wong,  Robin Sellwood , Hetty Tye,  Megan Bridgeland, Jenna Clark, Karen Cooper, Caitlin, Linnea Glynne-Rule.

2.       Apologies : Chris Ramsey, John Ayerst.

3.       Matters arising from the minutes of  14 March 2012:

         i.            Linnea had got details of changing the bank account to the Co-op, and it was agreed to hold this over till the AGM when there would be a new treasurer.

       ii.            There was a reminder of the Street Collection in Truro on 30 June. Chris had agreed to look into whether there is a lower age-limit on collecting. We did not have the answer to this at the meeting.

4.       Secretary's report:

         i.            It was agreed to nominate Chris Ramsey for the election to Regional Rep.

       ii.            Arms Trade Treaty: we had already contacted Sarah Newton, but it was agreed that those in other constituencies would contact their MP. We had also received postcards to send to David Cameron, and it was agreed to send for some more with a view to using them at the street collection.

      iii.            Refugee week 16-24 June. It was agreed that we would not be able to take action on this event this year.

     iv.            The monthly action for May concerned changes to the rights of migrant domestic workers. There was a letter to sign to Theresa May, Home Secretary.

       v.            There was also information on Azerbaijan and the Eurovision Song contest, which was distributed to members at the meeting.

     vi.            A letter was signed to Vladimir Putin.

    vii.            The case of Mañuel Ruíz and his teenage son Samir de Jesús Ruíz  in Colombia was discussed. They were abducted and subsequently killed by paramilitaries on 23 March. A letter was signed to the authorities in Colombia asking for a full investigation into their deaths and protection for other members of the community.

5.       Israel and Occupied Palestinian territories: Chris had sent copies of an overview of the current situation and a letter to sign on behalf of Ahmad Qatamesh, an academic and writer who is a prisoner of conscience being held in administrative detention.

6.       Turkmenistan: Linnea had brought letters to sign. She pointed out that 16th and 18th June is the anniversary of the detentions and it would be appropriate to do something to mark that. There is also the question to be looked into of whether the sentences are now complete and if so whether the detainees will be released.

7.       Central America: Georgie had brought information on cases of violence against women in Honduras, Mexico and Guatemala. She had  letters to sign.

8.       Treasurer's Report: Robin reported that there is £697 in the bank. Subs are £5.

9.       AOB:

         i.            Margaret agreed to contact Giles Horne to ask for a bookstall in Lemon St Market in August.

       ii.            Ideas were floated for a public event in the Autumn - maybe see if we could get Kate Adie (cost?), or a theatre group. Karen has contacts with Guardian journalists who might speak, or know someone who could. It was also suggested that Chris may have contacts he has made at the Annual Conference or through being Regional Rep.

      iii.            Linnea raised the case of the Indonesian man Alex Aan who is being threatened with imprisonment for stating that god does not exist. She would contact Amnesty to see if there are actions to take.

10.  Next meeting:  the next meeting will be on 13th June and will include the AGM.


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