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Write for Rights Zhang Zhan

When Wuhan went into lockdown because of


Covid-19, Zhang Zhan was one of the few citizen journalists to report on the unfolding crisis.
Determined to get the truth out, the former lawyer travelled to the city and revealed on social media how government officials had detained independent reporters and harassed families of Covid-19 patients. Zhang was later detained and sentenced to four years in prison in an attempt to silence her. In summer 2021, Zhang Zhan
started a hunger strike that severely affected her physical health. The authorities tried to censor information about the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan from the very beginning. Dr Li Wenliang, the first person known to have tried to warn others about the virus, was immediately silenced and punished by the authorities for ‘spreading rumours’. He died in February 2020 from Covid-19.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic in China, numerous articles relating to the virus have been censored, and related social media posts, sensitive hashtags and demands for freedom of expression are quickly deleted or censored 

Zhang Zhan writes:

‘We should seek the truth and seek it at
all costs. Truth has always been the most
expensive thing in the world. It is our life.’

Please send a non-religious message of support and solidarity (without mentioning Amnesty) to: 

Zhang Zhan
No 1601 Zhangjing Road
Sijing Zhen
Songjiang Qu
Shanghai 201601
People’s Republic of China

In English or Chinese
Suggested message: 'Zhang
Zhan, your dedication to
reporting the truth will continue
to inspire others. We will
continue to support you and
look forward to the day you
regain freedom.
Keep your spirits up'

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