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November 2021 (4)
Nov 30 2021 3:56PM
Write for Rights Zhang Zhan

When Wuhan went into lockdown because of Covid-19, Zhang Zhan was one of the few citizen journalists to report on the unfolding crisis. Determined to get the truth out, the former lawyer travelled to the city and revealed on social...

Nov 19 2021 3:39PM
Write for Rights: Teenager Mikita Zalatarou sent to a child prison colony

Teenager Mikita Zalatarou was waiting for the bus in the city of Homel’s main square when the police moved in on a nearby, and largely peaceful, protest about the results of the recent presidential election. As the crowd started to run...

Nov 17 2021 12:18PM
Write for Rights 2121 launch

Here's everything you need to know to get started on this year's Write for Rights Campaign so that you can begin to write cards and appeal letters from home. Don't forget to join us to hear more about the campaign on Wednesday 17th...

Nov 8 2021 3:24PM
Write for Rights 2121

We are very much looking forward to welcoming as many people as possible to our first face to face meeting since the first lockdown, all those months ago. The meeting will take place on Wednesday 17th November at our usual venue, The...