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Chair's letter to The Guardian

Letter from the Chair of Stratford on Avon Amnesty Group in the Guardian newspaper Wednesday May 11th

'Of course we welcome David Cameron's bowing to pressure. Before we celebrate, however, we should consider how adept the Conservatives are at failing to deliver on such undertakings.

Last December, our Conservative-dominated district council surprised us by voting to admit 12 families of Syrian refugees into the district 'as a matter of urgency'. There was much talk of compassion and humanity. Months have slipped by and we now learn than, in a plan put together with the collusion of the Conservative-led county council and the Home Office, our 12 families will be admitted over a period of four years, with just three being admitted this year.

So much for ugency; so much for humanity; so much for compassionate Conservatism.

Penny Freedman

Chair, Stratford-upon-Avon Amnesty'

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