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Refugees, Asylum-Seekers and People on the Move (571)
Apr 7 2021 3:30pm
UK: Home Office forcing more people to live in 'squalor and inhumane conditions' at Napier Barracks
In response to the news that the Home Office will send more asylum see...
    Apr 1 2021 11:03am
    UK: Football clubs line up to welcome refugees as outdoor sport returns post-lockdown
    Football club foundations will offer training sessions, Soccercise cla...
      Mar 24 2021 9:49am
      UK: New immigration plan is a 'false pretence of fundamental change'
      In response to the Home Office’s new immigration plan announced today,...
        Mar 23 2021 12:00am
        Lebanon: Syrian refugees subjected to same shocking torture techniques used in Assad's jails - new report
        Interrogators using ‘same horrors employed in Syrian prisons’ against ...
          Mar 18 2021 1:49pm
          UK: Home Office's offshore refugees plan is 'utterly reckless'
          Responding to reports that the Home Secretary is considering sending p...
            Mar 11 2021 2:05pm
            Napier Barracks: no place for people seeking asylum
            by Graham Minter, Amnesty International UK - Kent Network Totally u...
            Feb 26 2021 2:56pm
            Urgent Action Outcome: Four of five families freed from detention
            Over the course of 2020, Amnesty International campaigned to free five...
              Feb 26 2021 2:39pm
              Urgent Action Outcome: Deportation of Chechen man suspended
              A.S., a Chechen man who was held in immigration detention in France fa...
                Feb 23 2021 3:51pm
                Urgent Action Outcome: Pastor Steven Tendo released from detention
                Steven Tendo is a 35-year-old pastor and asylum-seeker who fled from t...
                  Feb 18 2021 11:51am
                  Malaysia: 'Reckless' plan for deportation to Myanmar puts lives at risk
                  More than 1,200 people to be returned to Myanmar next week Ongoing ...