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The kindness of music lovers

On 20th September Sofar Sounds organised more than 60 gigs world-wide to support Amnesty’s “I welcome” campaign. Valerie and I attended a gig organised at the King’s Court Centre in Chandlers Ford, officially as Amnesty representatives, but really as grateful spectators of the kindness of others, from the organisers to the musicians and the public.

It was a wonderful concert, with a range of music and styles, and certainly a great novelty and pleasure for me (Puccini and Richard Strauss are as far in the 20th century as I can comfortably go; the 21st century does not even exist). The gig was divided in two parts, each with two sets of performers. I would like to record here my thanks to all of them: Daniel Eagle, The Diamond Age, Ruth Theodore and Band of Skulls. But also I would like to thank all the spectators, who not only were a wonderful audience, but also gave generously (we collected £109.98) to support Amnesty’s “I welcome” campaign.

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