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Still Standing!

So just over 6 weeks on from signing up for the challenge, I can happily declare 'Mission Completed'! I slayed the beast that is the London Triathlon over the weekend, crossing the line at 1 hour 34 mins... Smashing my sub 1hr40m target!

I wore the Amnesty candle on my running vest with pride, which admittedly got soaked under my wetsuit during the murky swim in the Thames before drying off before the finish line! It was definitely an inspiration for me whilst battling my way through the course...

Likewise I'd like to say a huge thanks to you all for your support, contributions & hearty donations :) 

The collection pot for Amnesty is now overflowing at a healthy £417 thanks to your generosity. It is to be split 30/70 between our own group & HQ respectively, which allocates at least £125 towards our efforts here in Sheffield!

However I am still hoping to dig up some more funds towards the collective total, therefore donations are still very welcome at should you be able to spare a few pounds :)

Much love & appreciation, 


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