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Honduras - letter writing action


Violence following protests after Presidential election

At the recent Presidential election Honduras' Supreme Electoral Tribunal said President Hernández won the election with 42.9% of the votes, while Salvador Nasralla was declared second with 41.24%.

The opposition has accused Hernández of stuffing the court with supporters who helped him change the constitution to allow him to seek a second term. The Organization of American States (OAS) has called for fresh elections.  Nasralla’s supporters have clashed with police. Human rights groups accused police of using excessive force, resulting in deaths and hundreds of wounded; at least 1,500 have been imprisoned.

The government responded by declaring a state of emergency and issued a 10-day nationwide dawn-to-dusk curfew. The OAS asked to send a special delegation, a request that was rejected by the Honduran government.

In 2009, Hernández’s National Party deposed President Manuel Zelaya. That overthrow plunged the country into a long ongoing period of chaos that gave rise to rampant drug smuggling and powerful street gangs. Honduras also became the perennial home to one of the highest murder rates in the world.  Recent court testimonies allege ties between the current government and criminal groups.

Please write to the authorities calling for the release of those detained and a civilian-led investigation into the deaths of protestors.

A template letter is attached.

Honduras template letter
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