Dec 3 2019 9:22AM
Write for Rights campaign
Come and sign a card at our Write for Rights event!
Aug 16 2019 2:42PM
Group Meeting - September 11th
At our September group meeting we will be taking action for human rights based on the AI monthly action and our active case files. As usual, the meeting will be held at the United Church in Egham High St, at 8pm.
Apr 10 2019 7:15PM
Group Meeting - April 10th
David Palmer (Brazil country co-ordinator) will be giving a presentation on the Human Rights situation in Brazil, and the plight of human rights defenders.
Mar 13 2019 5:02PM
Group Meeting - March 13th
Norlene Conway will be giving an update on the Death Penalty campaign
Feb 13 2019 5:02PM
Group Meeting - 13th February 2019
Graham Minter will be joining us to discuss Venezuela. The meeting will start at 8pm at the United Church, Egham.
Apr 8 2018 10:56AM
Group meeting - Wednesday 13 June
Please join us for our June group meeting where we will be planning stalls for two summer fetes.
Apr 8 2018 10:50AM
Group AGM - Wednesday 9 May 2018
Please come and support us at our 2018 group AGM.
Apr 8 2018 10:46AM
Mexico - letter writing action
Please write to the authorities to protect a group of asylum seekers, including children, living in precarious conditions in the north of Mexico.
Apr 8 2018 10:32AM
Pakistan - letter writing action
Please write to the Pakistan High Commissioner regarding the persecution of the minority Ahmadiyya community.
Apr 8 2018 10:22AM
Group meeting - Wednesday 11 April
At this meeting we will be planning an event for our Prisoner of Conscience, Johan Teterissa.