Apr 8 2018 10:56AM
Group meeting - Wednesday 13 June
Please join us for our June group meeting where we will be planning stalls for two summer fetes.
Apr 8 2018 10:50AM
Group AGM - Wednesday 9 May 2018
Please come and support us at our 2018 group AGM.
Apr 8 2018 10:46AM
Mexico - letter writing action
Please write to the authorities to protect a group of asylum seekers, including children, living in precarious conditions in the north of Mexico.
Apr 8 2018 10:32AM
Pakistan - letter writing action
Please write to the Pakistan High Commissioner regarding the persecution of the minority Ahmadiyya community.
Mar 16 2018 3:06PM
Group meeting - Wednesday 11 April
At this meeting we will be planning an event for our Prisoner of Conscience, Johan Teterissa.
Mar 16 2018 3:04PM
US execution - letter writing action
Take action to prevent the execution of William Montgomery.
Mar 16 2018 2:59PM
Honduras activist - letter writing action
Write to the Honduran ambassador calling for a proper investigation into Berta’s death and protection for COPINH.
Mar 16 2018 2:49PM
Good news - Teodora has been released
The Runnymede Amnesty group has been campaigning on behalf of Teodora del Carmen Vásquez who was imprisoned in El Salvador - and has now been released.
Mar 16 2018 2:44PM
Group meeting - Wednesday 14 March
At our March group meeting we will have a talk on South Asia by the regional coordinator.
Feb 12 2018 8:06AM
Barn dance - Saturday 10 March
Bring your friends and family for a fun night out and to help support our barn dance at Chertsey - held jointly with the Woking Amnesty group.