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Exodus - Issue 2

exodus issue2

Jean-Marc Hall, Exodus Project Co-ordinator says,

"WELCOME to our second Issue of EXODUS. The first Issue was a triumph and circulat- ed around the country with various Care4Calais and humanitarian volunteer groups, including Amnesty International, sharing it with their local communities.

It highlighted the fantastic contribu- tions sent in by people seeking asylum and drew attention to the personal stories that were often moving and heartfelt.

The original intention of Exodus was to circulate the fanzine among asylum seekers and refugees, but it soon became clear that the very same people we intended it for felt it more important that Exodus went out into the community.

Stories and personal experiences need to be told, written and read by the local community and beyond. The written contributions give FIRST HAND under- standing to the reader, instead of third party articles written and circulated by the national press.

Many people seeking asylum are inte- grating into our communities. They are finding voluntary work and grasping the English language with the hope that they receive Leave to Remain.

They look forward to the day that they can plan their futures and move on to a better, safer life.

Humanitarian and voluntary organisa- tions are working hard to help make life easier and as time moves on they remain committed to responding to the needs of those who are seeking refuge from crisis and instability. We remember our ‘mantra’: Empathy, Compassion, Mercy.

We hope you enjoy this Issue of Exo- dus and that you look forward to reading further contributions from people seeking asylum, refugees and volunteers.

Please send your contributions to us at:

Exodus issue 2.FINAL_.pdf
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