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Harvesting the organs for transplant, from religious prisoners, including Uyghur Muslims

Thousands persecuted and killed for their religious and spiritual beliefs.

The world’s least known crime against humanity.

The use of prisoners in camps and secret jails as a source of organs for transplants.

It is ‘beyond reasonable doubt that the forced harvesting of organs from religious prisoners in China - Falun Gong, Christians and Muslims – has been state organised and on a huge scale’ (China Tribunal 2019).

China does 60,000 and 90,000 transplants a year. Waiting times for those who can pay are one to four weeks. China harvested organs from executed prisoners for many years, denied it, promised to stop and to start a donor programme.

Anyway, execution figures, donor lists and transplant data are state secrets. China continues to refuse independent verification of the data.

The number of known donors is tiny and does not come close to the number of transplants.

Religious prisoners report regular biometric testing, collection of blood data and organ health tests, and unexplained disappearances from jails and camps.

The murders are in the thousands per year. The world is almost silent about it.

What you can do now:

Spend twenty minutes informing yourself

Watch this seven-minute film

Read the short form conclusion of the China Tribunal

Then forward this information to your trusted friends and groups, to doctors and lawyers.

Write to your MP asking what they and other MPs are doing about this crime against humanity

Further information:

Forced Organ Transplants Flyer
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