Jan 14 2019 6:25PM
Local Group Annual Membership 2019
As its the start of a new year, we are collecting annual Oxford City Amnesty Group subscription fees. The subscription fees remain at £5 (£2 if you are not working). The fees go towards the group's cost for letter writing, organising s...
Dec 19 2018 8:22AM
Human Rights in Denmark
The next monthly group meeting is on Tuesday 15th January, 7:15pm at the Town Hall. We are delighted to welcome Amnesty's country co-ordinator for Denmark to this meeting, which will focus on human rights in Denmark. We will also have...
Dec 5 2018 8:19AM
Winter Social
Rather than having a meeting in Oxford Town Hall in December, we have an informal social event. This is open to everyone - whether you're a member of the group or not. We will start the night with ice cream, coffee and bagels before mo...
Nov 5 2018 5:58PM
Write for Rights
Every November and December, Amnesty activists and supporters send greetings cards and messages of support and solidarity to people around the world who have suffered injustice. We will be offering a number of different opportunities t...
Nov 5 2018 5:55PM
Amnesty Stall at Green Fair
The Oxford City Amnesty Group will have its annual stall at the Green Fair on 1st December. Come visit our stall to sign our petitions, letters and take part in our actions. We will also have Christmas cards, Amnesty calendars and othe...
Oct 18 2018 6:25PM
Children's Rights
The November Oxford City Amnesty International local group meeting will be on 20th November, 7:15pm at the Oxford Town Hall. This month's group meeting will focus on children's rights and we are pleased to have a speaker Lisa Incledon,...
Sep 17 2018 8:17AM
Amnesty Stall at One World Fair
This annual fair on Saturday 3rd November features stalls from a range of charities, artists and community organisations. Come visit our stall to sign our letters, petitions and take part in actions. We will also have Christmas cards a...
Sep 3 2018 6:45PM
October Group Meeting
The October Oxford City Amnesty International group meeting will be on 16th October, 7:15pm at the Oxford Town Hall. We will have our usual letter writing, campaign and event updates. There's a lot of human rights issues in the news at...
Sep 3 2018 6:32PM
Acoustic Evening
Join us at the Isis Farmhouse for an acoustic evening to raise funds for Amnesty International UK on Saturday 6th October.
Sep 3 2018 6:27PM
September Group Meeting
The next monthly meeting of the Oxford City Amnesty International Group is on Tuesday 18th September at 7:15pm in the Oxford Town Hall, St Aldate's, OX1 1BX. We will have our usual letter writing, campaign and event updates. We will be...