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Weekly Action + News 4/3/22

Manchester Amnesty Weekly Action

Please do this action and make a difference.

 March 8th is International Women’s Day. We mark this day with an action calling on the UK government to keep its pledge to support women and girls in Afghanistan.

The situation in Afghanistan continues to deteriorate ever since the Taliban seized back power in the summer of 2021. None feel it more than the women and girls in the country, whose rights disappeared almost overnight. Before the Taliban insurgency, girls attended school and women were able to work.

The UK government continues to promise to stand and support women and girls in Afghanistan as their rights are being taken away

Sign the petition to urge the UK government to act on their promises to Afghan women and girls.



The invasion of Ukraine is an act of aggression and human rights catastrophe. Read Amnesty’s statement and take part in a Twitter action at:


Human Rights Act consultation

The government are consulting on their plans to replace the Human Rights Act with a ‘Bill of Rights’. Their proposals are very wide ranging but at their core, Amnesty believes that they would lead to human rights protections being severely weakened and make it much harder to hold the state to account for any violations. Behind all of the technical language is a move to gut the Human Rights Act and limit not only what rights are but who gets them.

With the consultation, the government are asking for views on these proposals. So AIUK have created a document to help us respond to some of the 29 questions.  The guide is here:-

Several of us have already had a go at filling it in with the help of the AIUK guidance. You don’t have to answer all the questions. It would be great to get as many people as possible responding so please have a go at it if you can spare an hour or two and do share with your friends/family/networks.

The deadline is the 8th March so please do take action ASAP.

If you would like some help, AIUK are holding an online meeting to fill in the consultation together on Monday 7th March 6-7pm. AIUK staff will be there to guide you through the document and support you to fill it in.

To attend please register here -


Online meeting on Palestine

On February 1, Amnesty launched a landmark report, Israel's Apartheid Against PalestiniansThe report marks the beginning of a multi-year campaign to help dismantle Israel's crushing system of apartheid against Palestinians. The campaign has received widespread media coverage and high profile support, including the South African Foreign Minister and the UNs expert on human rights in the OPT, Michael Link.

Amnesty are holding a meeting online on  Tuesday, March 8, 7-8pm. They will discuss how activists and groups can participate in the week of action, which will take place between 21-27 March.


Anne Walker


Manchester Group of Amnesty International UK

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