Day of the Endangered Lawyer

24th January 2014 is the Day of the Endangered Lawyer -  raising awareness for human rights lawyers persecuted for doing their job. 

The day of recognition is designed to bring to the international legal community's attention the hazardous situations in which many international lawyers work to ensure victims can have access to justice.

In the past, the Day of the Endangered Lawyer has focused on the plight of advocates in Iran, Turkey and Spain,and this year turns its attention to the plight of lawyers in Colombia where, in the last 13 years, nearly 400 lawyers have been killed because of the cases they have taken.

Our Amnesty Group recognises the courage of human rights lawyers in Colombia and throughout the world who carry out their work in dangerous situations. We think today and every day of Ponciano Mbomio Nvo in Equatorial Guinea. Ponciano  has been suspended from practising law for making remarks considered to be critical of the government while defending his client.

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