AKS Stop Torture Campaign

 AKS School and Amnesty International

During the week beginning 2 March 2015 a group of students from AKS, encouraged by their teachers Ms Jessica Grant and Mr Paul Crouch, participated in an amazing Stop Torture Campaign. They researched the victims of torture, identified by AIUK, as their campaign focus.  Supported by local Amnesty members, they contacted Amnesty in London and acquired awareness raising materials.  They designed display boards which were put up in the school to attract attention. They led two assemblies, one to the upper school and one to the lower school, in which they explained how Amnesty International started, its work as a human rights organisation and the reason for the Stop Torture campaign.  They also performed a play about the death penalty.

Every lunch time they gave up their time to talk to students of the school and to the staff and some parents about the work of Amnesty International.  They encouraged people to sign action cards and write letters of solidarity.  The Junior School visited the main school with their teachers but they also had their own action week on human rights.

This was a wonderful and moving week. In all, the students had five days of action.  An awesome 935 action cards were signed and 76 solidarity letters were written and an Amnesty Youth Group has now been formed.


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